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Graves' disease and Hyperthyroidism

Hi! I'm Britney. I've had Graves' disease since 2000 as far as diagnosis, but I'm sure I've had it according to symptoms for much longer. When I was diagnosed there wasn't much in information, or support. I have been researching Graves' and hyperthyroidism, along with RAI, thyroidectomy and TED ever since trying to find out as much as I can. If I can help anyone not feel alone and feel more empowered with knowledge that is my goal.

I,along with my husband Ray, am currently working on a book titled "Tales from the Graves'" which is featuring real stories of people with Graves' disease and other thyroid disease, tales of how they have dealt with their illness.


The book is out! 20% of profits go to ButterflyNationProject thyroid charity, the rest go to keeping this website running. Get your copy today!Only $6

 Tales From the Graves':Daily Living with Thyroid Disease, In Their Own Words



You can find me on twitter:@BttrflyBritney Click the link directly below for my full blog. 

Warrior Butterfly Britney

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