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Audra's Story Part 3

My Story: Part Three—Road to Wellness


I started taking these supplements about 7 months ago—the difference in me is nothing short of a miracle. I am a completely different person now. Within 3 days of taking some of the vitamins, I was sleeping through the night like a baby, without having to take any of the sleep aids I had been taking to help me fall asleep at night. It was truly amazing!! I had problems with insomnia since I was a kid—this was the first time in my entire life that I was actually sleeping, and sleeping well, through the night! Then, I noticed that I was starting to not cry as much, this dark cloud that had been hanging over me for so long, was starting to lift a little more each day. I had also been seeing a lot of info being posted in various groups about Naturethroid, so I asked my doctor if I could try that. She agreed and now you will never get to me take anything else. Between the supplements and Naturethroid, I was starting to feel like a normal human being again. 10 years of struggling, of being isolated and alone, of hating what this cancer did to me and my body…I was finally starting to see the light again. I started laughing again…like really laughing and having fun with people. Not my fake, ‘just pretend everything is ok and make it through this smile’, but really, truly enjoying my life again.

All of the joint pain, the headaches, the insomnia, the depression, the mood swings, they were gone. I no longer looked like this—swollen, puffy face, fake smile:

















I was happy and having fun with my friends again…I was getting out and meeting new people. I was genuinely happy again for the first time in I don’t even know how long.


This is me today:


I did have to go through some adjustments with the Naturethroid. It’s not a straight conversion from Synthroid/Levo to any type of NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) replacement. My doctor and I have played with the dosage to get it right and I have done tons of research to figure the best supplements for me to take. I am happy to say that I have finally found something that works for me and I will never try anything else. It is truly remarkable to me to see the difference this has made in my life over the past 6-7 months. People who hadn’t seen me for a couple years commented on the unbelievable change in me. They’ve commented that the light is back in my eyes, that all the pain and hurt seems to have just disappeared from my face (I guess I wasn’t as good at hiding it as I thought I was). I can enjoy being with my family again. My nephew, who is 10 years old and had no idea I was doing anything differently, said there was something different about me, that I had a ‘pep’ in my step again. That just made me cry tears of complete joy. If he could notice a difference, I knew it wasn’t just all in my head. People were actually starting to see the real me again. Having been so isolated and feeling so alone for so long, I can’t describe how wonderful it feels to know that people are getting to know the real me again. It’s the greatest gift in the world.




It’s not easy sharing this with people and it’s been a very lonely, painful road. However, if I can help just one person avoid the years of pain and struggle that I had to deal with, then it is all worth it to me. I do not ever want anyone to feel they are going through this alone and I don’t want anyone to ever give up fighting for themselves and their health. In my experience, there are not a lot of doctors that want to take the time to understand why their patients are not getting better. They want to just throw more prescriptions at them and hope they go away. Definitely not all doctors are like this, but it took me 10 years to find a doctor who would actually listen to me. My endo is fantastic and I love our ‘Patient Recommended Doctor’ list on this site. I hope that everyone who needs help finding a ‘patient-focused’ doctor is able to get find it here. I will be happy to answer any questions and help anyone find the answers they need. Please feel free to email me at: audra.stevenson@gmail.com.


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