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 Warrior Butterflies:Patient Advocates and Support

Thyroid Warrior Jackie

Hi! I'm Jackie, I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with Graves disease in 2012 and Hashimoto's and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2014. I love writing and learning about all things Thyroid and just health and wellness in general. I am on a journey to get healthy and to help others get there too and would love to someday get back or at least close to the life I had before.


There is a new me that I've had to accept and learn to live with and I'm ok with that, but I just know there is more out there that I can do to feel good again. I will try my hardest to help you along in your journey also and show you a little of my silly sense of humor too...without my sense of humor, I would probably just cry all the time and I like to laugh way more than I like crying, so here's to a positive attitude, healthy eating, and healthy bodies!

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