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Audra has done much research into supplements and has found some that are great for thyroid patients to take. Please check with your doctor and pharmacist before trying any of these, and if you have questions on whether this might be good for you to look at, please send questions to Audra at audra.stevenson@gmail.com



The Centrum Bullet on X-Ray

Wellness Wednesday by Audra Stevenson


As someone who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost 11 years ago, I know the many struggles those with thyroid cancer/disease face. It is almost impossible to get a doctor to treat your symptoms, instead of your lab results. Everything can look ‘normal’, yet we walk around like zombies or ticking time bombs, because the smallest little thing can set us off. It makes us feel crazy at times and puts a strain on our relationships. Most doctors don’t know what to do or how to treat patients with thyroid disorders, so they keep throwing more prescription medications at us, hoping this will mask our symptoms. Most prescriptions do not address the underlying causes of why a person is experiencing these symptoms.


I firmly believe that most doctors do not rely on proper supplementation because most supplements are not effective in helping to relieve symptoms. It is not because these supplements are not beneficial to our bodies; in fact, we need these supplements in order to feel our best. However, most supplements are not effective because of how they are delivered. Many supplements in the market come in pill form and are filled with all kinds of unnatural binders and fillers. Many are also coated with carnauba wax. For those who don’t know, ‘Carnauba wax consists of fatty acid esters (80-85%), fatty alcohols (10-16%), acids (3-6%), and hydrocarbons (1-3%). ..Carnauba wax has a very high melting point (180-187 degrees F) and is harder than concrete and nearly insoluble in water and ethanol’ (http://chemistry.about.com/od/foodchemistryfaqs/f/carnauba-wax.htm).


Now, if this substance is harder than concrete and nearly insoluble in water, then how could our digestive system possibly break this down so that our bodies could receive the nutrients it needs? Well, the ugly truth is, it can’t. There was a large Physicians Health Study on the effects of a multi-vitamin and the reduction in cancer risk of men over the age of 50. In this study, male participants ages 50 and older were randomly assigned to take a multi-vitamin (Centrum Silver). This study found that men who took a daily vitamin lowered their risk of cancer by 8%, compared to those who skipped the supplement.


The following is a review of this study by a NutraMetrix consultant:


There is good news and GREAT news within this article.  First the good news- the actual story itself: that men taking a daily Centrum Silver multi-vitamin supplement reduced their cancer risk by 8%. Now the great news. Centrum Silver has to be one of the worst supplements available on the market- so if Centrum Silver can produce positive results, imagine what a HIGH quality product could produce! Why do I say that Centrum Silver has to be one of the worst supplements on the market? Check out these ingredients courtesy of the Dietary Supplements Label Database.    


Centrum Silver is a mass produced product that is made to be sold in huge stores. The manufacturer has no idea how long the product will remain on the shelf but it must remain "fresh" for its shelf life.  Therefore, the product contains artificial binders, fillers, and ingredients that have NO relation to improving a person's health. So, if such a product CAN produce such positive results, imagine what would have happened if they would have studied a product that did NOT contain talc, artificial colors, binders, fillers, and BHT


What is BHT?  BHT, according to thegoodhuman.com"Butylated Hydroxytoluene, or BHT, is an anti-oxidant which reacts with oxygen free radicals to slow down the autoxidation rate of ingredients in a product that can cause changes in the taste or color. As such, it is primarily used to prevent fats in foods from becoming rancid – but it is also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid. Sure sounds like BHT is something that should definitely be in our food, right?" Thegoodhuman.com goes on to state:


"Turns out this additive, used in all the above products, has a scary MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that says the following:


Doesn't sound like a great ingredient for a health product, does it?  Again, why does a product like Centrum contain binders, fillers, and artificial colors?  The answer is so that the pills remain pills in the package for as long as the package is on the shelf.  People won't buy the product if they pick up the package, shake it, and hear a thud. They want to hear the pills shaking...even if the pills have been in the bottle 2 years. 


So, how does this affect the delivery of the nutrients?  If the nutrients are packed in a pill with binders and fillers, can they be released in the body?  The answer is a huge maybe.  Below is a picture of an X-Ray showing a patient who consumed Centrum vitamins three days in a row.  Unfortunately for this patient (and all patients are different due to body make-up, stomach pH, etc) NO nutrition gets delivered to the body. The pills actually go through the body and exit without breaking down.  If the pills contain ingredients to keep them in pill format, there is a good chance the pills will remain in pill format all the way through the process! If you want to check for yourself, "Google" the term  "Centrum Bedpan Bullets."  Centrum pills are nicknamed that because nurses find them (whole) in bedpans.



See Pic above


So, if a product like Centrum Silver produces positive health results, we should all be giddy a the thought of what could happen if they tested a multi-vitamin with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no binders, no fillers, no soy, no dairy, no gluten, and what if that product had a superior isotonic delivery system?


Isotonix Multivitamin is an isotonic-capable food supplement that contains 100% or more of the daily value of essential vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals are delivered in an isotonic solution. Isotonic means ‘same as’—your body recognizes the solution as the same osmotic pressure as your blood, sweat, and tears and therefore, it does not need to be broken down and digested in the stomach. The solution moves right into the small intestine, where maximum absorption can occur (90-95% versus the 10-20% of most pills on the market).


Isotonix Multivitamin comes with or without iron. I suggest you do not take the supplement with iron, unless you have been specifically diagnosed by your doctor as anemic. Anemia has many of the same symptoms other diseases have, so it is important to know the exact cause of these symptoms before supplementing with iron.


You can order Isotonix Multivitamin in a 30-day or 90-supply here.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. You can find me on Facebook (audra.stevenson.58) or you can email me at audra.stevenson@gmail.com.



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