Warrior Butterflies:Patient Advocates and Support
 Warrior Butterflies:Patient Advocates and Support

Announcing, Tales from the Graves'

A new book from Britney and Ray Robinson

Stories collected from real thyroid patients telling their stories about what they deal daily with thyroid disease. 

20% of Proceeds will go to benefit Warrior Butterflies.com running. Currently on sale for $5!!

Purchase:Tales from the Graves

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Thyroid Related meetings and Events



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Welcome to Warrior Butterflies!

This site is to help thyroid patients, with information, networking and support. 

Check out our Calendar of Events to see if a meeting or lecture is happening near you. Browse through our list of doctors and health care professionals to find ones in your area to help you get and stay healthy, and browse through our articles to find new ways to deal with this disease.  Look at our recipes to find new delicious things to make if you have dietary restrictions. As always if you would like to submit anything to the site to be added, please send to Info@Warriorbutterflies.com

Special Opportunity for Thyroid Patients

A.I. web app to treat Thyroid Disease

A healthcare assistant to optimally treat autoimmune diseases starting with thyroid impairments. They need people to take their survey to create data points to make this a great app.

Thyroid Support Group on Facebook

Thyroid Tribe

Safe Place for people with any thyroid disorder. Cancer, Hyper, Hypo, Hashi's, Graves'. Come join us!
Click on link below (formerly thyroid disease 101)

Butterfly Nation Project

Patients helping Patients Charity

We believe that all Thyroid Survivors should be able to get proper medical attention and support.  Our plan is to help other patients by bringing awareness about Thyroid Disease to as many people as possible, advocate for patients, and in time offer financial assistance for labs and medical appointments.  

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Britney's closed group: Thyroid Tribe (general Thyroid support)

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